1 Jan 2012

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So, one of my very favorite food carts back home is called Koi Fusion. They make a very creative blend of Korean and Mexican food. Amazing stuff, really. I mean, tacos with Korean-style grilled pork, kimchi, fresh cabbage and cucumber, with a little squeeze of lime over them? Amazing. So, I was inspired to do something like that myself, since Korean food is totally nonexistent in Jonesboro. I don't know how my Korean neighbors manage with the ingredients available here, honestly. Maybe they're eating bland Arkansas crap like everyone else. But yesterday I decided to get creative, and made myself a bunch of kimchi. The ingredients I really need, like salted shrimp and Korean chili flakes, are nowhere to be found here, but I made do with what I had and used fish sauce, fresh ground Japanese chilies (in my new spice grinder!), and Sriracha to make up for the missing ingredients. And I have to say, it worked out pretty darn well. I have one jar still sitting so it can pickle properly, while the other is now in the fridge after only one day out. It's still super delicious, and if I need it to be sour, I can just add some rice vinegar to whatever I'm making.

Anyway, this morning I had Korean-style breakfast tacos. Om nom nom. Scrambled eggs, queso fresco, kimchi, and cilantro in little corn tortilla shells. So good. It is a stark contrast with what will be tonight's dinner - black eyed peas stew with sausage and vegetables. So I've got my New Year foods all covered - black eyed peas for luck, cabbage for money. And they say that what you do on New Year's day will be what you do for the rest of the year - so I'm looking forward to a year of sleeping in, playing Minecraft, going hawking, and cooking great food, haha. Sounds good to me!

Also among my Christmas presents was a jar of Vietnamese cinnamon. And I managed to locate a 7oz bag of ground cardamom for only $10. Guess who's going to make some awesome shortbread this week?


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