17 Jan 2012

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This morning, while walking to the lab from my apartment, clearly demonstrated how crazy the weather is here during the winter. I left my apartment and it was sunny and warm (67 degrees, my computer says). About five minutes later, a huge looming black cloud swept over the sky, making everything pitch black and super windy. Now, another half hour later, it is bright and sunny outside again, and approaching 70 degrees. It's supposed to get down to 20-something tonight. This, apparently, is just how winter in the landlocked south is. Kind of cool, actually, though I miss having a real winter (by which I apparently mean 45 degrees and constant rain, since that's just so much fun).

I forgot to mention this at the time, but last week I went out with Melissa, who is still trying to trap hawks for her research. Most of her project is focused on observing foraging hawks, and determining prey densities in fields, but trapping and banding a few birds for identification purposes is handy. We managed to get a kestrel, and almost had a shrike (lol oops) but the winds picked up around 10:00, making the birds less interested in coming to the trap. Still, kestrels are fun, so here's the little juvie female we caught.

I took better photos... they're just on someone else's camera. )

Tomorrow, as many of you know, is SOPA (and PIPA!) blackout day. Although SOPA is more or less dead for now, PIPA is still around, and demonstrating the dangers of any kind of legislation that promotes censorship of the internet is extremely important to the future of the internet itself. The list of sites that will black out for tomorrow is growing, but includes Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, imgur, Mojang/Minecraft, Wordpress, and many others. As I don't have a website myself, exactly, I intend to join the protest in spirit by staying offline tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually get something accomplished.


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