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Man, it's been a while since I updated this. Apologies! Also I apologize doubly because the only update you will get from me today are some memes, taken from [ profile] zolac_no_miko. Well, that, and the news that today's RvB episode (almost typed epsilon, lol) was amazing.

Your Internet Life and YOU! )

Umm, I'll post the other memes in a different post so this one doesn't get super long. In other news, I am very full. The interns have all left the field house, so of course I checked to see what food they left behind. Freezer had 2lbs of ground venison in it. I made burgers tonight, with homemade buns. Best burgers ever.
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Delicious meal of the day: roast rabbit with coffee-chipotle rub (plus the usual roasting goods of potatoes, carrots, and garlic cloves). I really think rabbit is one of the best meats available. Thanks, Pele!

I have just returned from a 4-day trip to the SE Partners in Flight conference, where recent research on birds is presented every year. This year it was held in Raleigh, NC, included some excellent talks, and a poster session which took place at the NC Museum of Natural Science. My favorite quotation, from a presentation on controlling feral cats: "Cats are very popular. In fact, 87% of the internet consists of cats*. The rest is porn."

We also got to see NC State University's research forest, a restored prairie owned by the museum, and watch a displaying male woodcock on one very chilly evening, after which we retreated to Dos Taquitos, which is hands down one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to. If you ever get the opportunity to try Chiles en Nogada, do it. Roast poblano, stuffed with shredded pork, apples, currants, and who knows what else, topped with a walnut cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. It's a traditional Mexican Independence Day dish due to its lovely green, white, and red colors, and is oh so amazingly good.

I talk about food a lot, don't I?

*Link not part of the original talk. But it proves his point.
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So, one of my very favorite food carts back home is called Koi Fusion. They make a very creative blend of Korean and Mexican food. Amazing stuff, really. I mean, tacos with Korean-style grilled pork, kimchi, fresh cabbage and cucumber, with a little squeeze of lime over them? Amazing. So, I was inspired to do something like that myself, since Korean food is totally nonexistent in Jonesboro. I don't know how my Korean neighbors manage with the ingredients available here, honestly. Maybe they're eating bland Arkansas crap like everyone else. But yesterday I decided to get creative, and made myself a bunch of kimchi. The ingredients I really need, like salted shrimp and Korean chili flakes, are nowhere to be found here, but I made do with what I had and used fish sauce, fresh ground Japanese chilies (in my new spice grinder!), and Sriracha to make up for the missing ingredients. And I have to say, it worked out pretty darn well. I have one jar still sitting so it can pickle properly, while the other is now in the fridge after only one day out. It's still super delicious, and if I need it to be sour, I can just add some rice vinegar to whatever I'm making.

Anyway, this morning I had Korean-style breakfast tacos. Om nom nom. Scrambled eggs, queso fresco, kimchi, and cilantro in little corn tortilla shells. So good. It is a stark contrast with what will be tonight's dinner - black eyed peas stew with sausage and vegetables. So I've got my New Year foods all covered - black eyed peas for luck, cabbage for money. And they say that what you do on New Year's day will be what you do for the rest of the year - so I'm looking forward to a year of sleeping in, playing Minecraft, going hawking, and cooking great food, haha. Sounds good to me!

Also among my Christmas presents was a jar of Vietnamese cinnamon. And I managed to locate a 7oz bag of ground cardamom for only $10. Guess who's going to make some awesome shortbread this week?


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