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Okay so it took me a seriously long time to finish these, I know, but here you go, ten sentences for [ profile] shinyget's request of Church/Tex (and so sue me, I took some liberties with interpreting which of their various incarnations to use for some of these :p).

01. Angst

When they found she had no next of kin, they came to him instead - the car that he'd known was bad news, the medic, who'd gotten out first and seemed to avoid his eyes, and the officer, who delivered the page with his condolences, as if that meant anything at all - and all he'd wanted to do was wake up from this surreal hell he'd suddenly found himself in, because surely nobody as strong and passionate and beautiful as she was could possibly have lived such a short life.

02. AU

He dreamt once that he was a pirate out on the high seas, and that he rescued her from her crystal tower and they sailed around, having adventures and pillaging towns for their rum supplies and generally causing havoc together, but once he woke he realized the opposite was true - he was the goddamned fucking princess and she was the pirate who had stolen him away from his comfortable life and convinced him to enlist in the shittiest fucking army in the world, and for some reason there were times when he still couldn't hate her, no matter how badly he wanted to.

03. Crack!fic Plot

"Well, fuck," Church grumbled, as Tex ran off with that alien - because hell, if that was what got her excited these days, he was completely, utterly out of luck.

04. Crossover

"Doctor what," Tex demanded, battle rifle aimed at the face of the strange man who'd just stepped out of the even stranger blue box, and suddenly Church realized that there really was no limit to the strange things that could happen in a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, and that he probably should have just gone and lived in a cave all by himself after all.

05. First Time

When she finally gave in, it wasn't due to pressure from him so much as it was from her own teenage hormones, and she almost laughed at the brief look of surprise on his face when she pushed him onto her bed - because hell, if they were doing this at all, it was on her terms, and he'd have to be happy being the one on his back.

06. Fluff

"Just shut up," she insisted, sick of fighting, and before he could protest or insult her - she could tell it was going to be one of the two - she kissed him, and he fell suddenly silent, then pressed back against her, sighing into her arms, and for a little while their troubles were forgotten.

07. Humor

"I am going to fucking crash this car by swerving into the oncoming lane and turning so traffic hits you first if you don't fucking stop that," Leonard growled, as Allison, with her cruel smirk, plucked another hair from his knee - the one with the foot on the gas pedal, no less! - and if only he'd worn long pants today, this could have been avoided.

08. Hurt/Comfort

He was always such a baby when he got even the most minor of colds, and she hated pandering to his occasionally juvenile requests, but when he came down with the flu one spring and she braved the afternoon rainstorm to walk over and heat up a can of soup on his stove, it was enough to make both of them smile.

09. Smut

She was already damp with sweat, Texas summer heat having rolled like a wave over the city, causing fine strands of that shock of red hair to cling to her forehead, and she trembled in his hands as her hips ground down hard against his, sending his mind reeling as he tried and failed to comprehend the ripples of pleasure that surged up his spine, one after another after endless others that seemed to flow directly from her flushed skin and into his.

10. UST

"Okay seriously," Tucker said to Sister while they watched the two soldiers arguing from afar - they'd been at it for nearly an hour now and showed no signs of stopping, and he was tired of listening to it - "When are they gonna stop bitching and whining at each other and just fuck already?"

Some of these really wanted to be more than one sentence, so I guess if anyone really wants me to write something longer for one or two of them, I might consider it.

Anyway, next I will try and write some for Shadow! That... should be interesting.



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