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Title: Mind over Matter
Pairing: Black Doom (via Doom's Eye) / Shadow ... :D;;
Rating: Horrible I MEAN NC-17
Warnings: Oh dear. Violence, noncon, tentacles, incest... Also, crack!fic does not mean humor. Even though I find it funny. Ahahaha ow.

With a chilling screech, the black hawk spat bolts of raw destructive energy at the GUN sentry robot ahead. The beetle-shaped hovering machine blew apart in a shower of sparks, raining metal on the ground, and Shadow mentally congratulated his mount, utilizing the empathetic bond he seemed to share with all of these alien creatures. It was a strange sensation, feeling the minds of other creatures around him, and he wasn't sure why he could understand these extraterrestrial invaders on a more powerful level than he could with those he presumed he had been born among, but it would be lying to say he didn't enjoy it.

Shadow urged the hawk to fire at another series of those human-devised contraptions, and smirked in satisfaction as they crumbled. Assisting the Black Arms in their invasion was fun. He was given free reign to kill as many of those revolting human beings and their machines as he liked, so long as he did as the aliens' master, Black Doom, asked. In return, he was treated like royalty.

A glance back over his shoulder told him that yes, Black Doom was watching. The Doom's Eye, his avatar outside the Black Comet, continued to trail behind him, observing his every move. And Shadow wanted him to see just how good at this he was.

He and the hawk were approaching a very narrow canyon, and there were several men and a tank stationed along the riverbed. It didn't seem like a very advantageous location, and he had to wonder if perhaps they were lost, or even hiding.

With his encouragement, the flighted alien dove downward, ejecting bolts of what seemed to him to be highly concentrated Chaos energy at the tank. Durable as it was, it couldn't stand up under the onslaught. Shadow then leapt off of the hawk and jumped down from wall to wall until he reached the canyon floor, dodging bullets all the while. He curled up into a ball and sawed through the chests of two of the men, then unfolded himself and kicked one hard in the head, burning his face. He dodged the volley of oncoming ammunition by using Chaos Control to reappear behind the tallest human, and hung in midair with his skates just long enough to knifehand the guy hard in the back of the neck, at the base of his skull. As the soldier collapsed, Shadow effectively lost his shield from the other two, and disappeared again.

While they looked for him, the hedgehog stood silently on the cliff face, behind a section that jutted forward from the rest of the rock, and gathered Chaos energy around both fists. He leapt down from above once more, and as the soldiers suddenly looked up and saw him, they were thrown to the ground with the force of the spears, their heads consumed in golden fire.

You have done well, Shadow.

He turned to face the Eye behind him, head held high and eyes burning with the sense of power he always felt after destroying those weaker than him. It wasn't that he had to prove himself better; he knew he could take on anyone or anything and come out on top.

You truly are our greatest warrior. Follow, and you will be rewarded for your skill.

The Eye must have called down another black hawk for him, for as the six-armed avatar drifted on ahead, one of the winged creatures swooped down and landed at his feet. Shadow mounted and flew back up above the canyon, following as he had been instructed.

It was clear that Black Doom was pleased with his performance, as Shadow had hoped. And as he trailed after the Eye, the hedgehog wondered what sort of reward might be given to him. Most likely, some sort of official station, a title that would force all other Black Arms to recognize and respect him. Frequently, the creatures attacked him even though he was on their side, and he wondered if it was because they resented the superior treatment he was given by their Lord, despite the fact that Shadow technically wasn't even one of them, regardless of the strange sort of bond he thought he felt while in their presence and his ability to feel their minds as they did each others'. He wouldn't put it past some of the more defiant individuals to fire at him simply out of spite, pretending they didn't know who he was, aside from other. But if Black Doom gave him a title, they would be forced to obey him as they obeyed their leader.

Someday, Shadow mused, he might even be able to lead the Black Arms. He was more than capable enough. It wouldn't have to be long, either. If he was second in command, and if he defeated Black Doom in a duel, the others would have to accept him as the stronger, superior leader. And Shadow was not afraid of Doom in the slightest. He was powerful, evident in the way that the empathic link between them was different - Shadow could sense the overlord's presence if he was near, but that was the extent of his ability. The alien leader's emotions were inaccessible, and he didn't need to test it out to know that influencing his actions as he did with the hawk would be completely out of the question. Black Doom was capable of telepathic speech; it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he was also capable of shielding his mind from Shadow.

The Doom's Eye led him to a large, flat, circular stone mosaic. Around its perimeter were strange symbols carved into the rock, words in the strange language of the alien beings. A pale greenish light emanated from the cracks between the stones, and as Shadow dismounted from the hawk and approached the mosaic, he could feel the unique buzz of Chaos energy. This was a teleport pad, installed at a point where Chaos energy was stronger than usual. If he hadn't been able to feel it, it would have seemed like magic.

Shadow followed the Eye through the teleport and onto the Black Comet, where he was led through a series of decorated hallways that were a far cry from the barren tunnels that the soldiers occupied. The hall eventually opened up into a lavish room, filled with dangling chains of astronomical patterns carved from a variety of strange metals and stones, and inscribed on the walls were long lines of calligraphic Black Arms script in gold leaf, illustrated with pictographs of warriors and great battles. Shadow had never seen anything like it, except that it reminded him vaguely of images he could almost recall seeing through the haze that obscured his past - pictures, not experiences, of tombs of ancient emperors, buried deep beneath the earth. It was a fleeting thought only.

There was a gentle pressure on his mind as the perimeter of the room began to fill with Black Arms soldiers of all castes, and Shadow got the vague sense that he was to stand in the middle of it all, where he would remain next to the Eye. He waited patiently as the creatures filtered through the doorway, which seemed to drag on eternally. Most of those who were on the Comet were probably present, and Shadow felt empowered indeed. Whatever was about to happen, Black Doom wanted everyone possible to witness it.

A sudden jolt of Chaos energy at the far end of the room caused all present, Shadow included, to snap to attention and look that way. Black Doom had appeared, through the use of Chaos Control, and suddenly everyone was falling down onto their knees, bowing in reverence. Everyone except for Shadow, whose pride dictated he should remain standing, regardless of whether he might be punished for defiance.

Black Doom did not scold him. And, after a suitable amount of silence, his booming telepathic voice entered the minds of all gathered there.

Humans. They are a pestilence upon this galaxy, and yet consider themselves the lords of the universe. These puny little creatures hoard their resources from all others, and yet they squander those resources and mismanage them in every way possible.

Chief among these are the Chaos Emeralds, the stones of great power which belong to us by right. It is I, Black Doom, who is the master of the forces of Chaos, and it is I who grant you my own power through your descent. The humans cannot even use the Emeralds! They do not know how, and instead hold onto them as trinkets. They are beautiful, yes, but they are so much more. Their power courses through your veins. We must recover them from the idiots who believe themselves their captors.

This hedgehog from Earth is one of those who understands how necessary it truly is to rid his planet of the disease known as humanity. He has seen firsthand their savage cruelty, and he also has seen their pathetic idiocy. But more than understanding us, he has helped us more than any of you have. His achievements have brought us closer to our goal than all of you combined! Only he has retrieved an Emerald; more than that, he has brought me four! It will not be long before we are victorious, and all because this hedgehog knows our greatness.

For his successes in battle, Shadow the Hedgehog has been brought here before you to become a true Black Arms warrior, and a member of our glorious civilization. All of you will obey him as you obey me, fully and without question.

Now, then, the ceremony will begin.

Shadow was not expecting two of the arms of the Eye to restrain his wrists, and tried to jerk away, ears back and eyes narrowed. But its grip did not give, and he steeled himself, casting a wary eye toward the warlord. Black Doom seemed not to acknowledge his glance, and the Eye continued by stroking its two lower side arms down his sides. Shadow shuddered as it pressed against his back, wrapping itself around him tightly in a way that would prevent him from escaping without ripping its arms off.

As it slipped one of its lower arms between his legs and curled around the base of his shaft, he definitely considered doing that, and worse.

"What the fuck?!" he snarled with a violent jerk, and immediately attempted to curl up tightly. He got no farther than dropping to his knees and arching his back before he felt a severe jolt of pain in his head. Gasping in shock, Shadow managed to open his eyes and look over at Black Doom once more. He was getting the distinct sense that the alien was enjoying torturing him like this. Some ceremony indeed. He'd seen a few of their strange shamanistic rituals here in the Comet, but whatever was going on here was just plain wrong.

He gave one more attempt to force the Eye off of him, but there was nothing he could do to escape, and he was sure that it was because of this close contact with the Eye that Doom could cause him such pain whenever he liked. His struggles had only wound up placing him in an unfortunate position, with his arms pinned against his back and his tail up in the air.

The arm of Black Doom's avatar slithered across his groin, teasing sensitive areas in a very deliberate manner in order to coax out an erection. Shadow hated that it was succeeding, as the very end of the arm dragged itself slowly up the underside of his sheath and slipped inside at the tip to lightly touch the head.

Shadow groaned through gritted teeth as his cock began to stiffen against his will. Black Doom seemed to him to be leering interestedly at the display, and bitterly the hedgehog hoped he was enjoying himself. He shuddered at the touch from the tip of the arm, but held still. He could endure this if he really tried. Especially if he ignored all the rest of the watching soldiers.

Just as he was getting around to letting things happen, however, the lowest of the Eye's six arms prodded at the underside of his tail, then shoved itself into him. Eyes wide, the hedgehog gaped in shock, and the upper arm forced itself past his teeth and into his mouth. The thing was foul-tasting, and he bit down instinctively at the intrusion, fighting the gag reflex it was near to triggering. Meanwhile, the arm at the other end began to pump itself in and out of him with force, and as quickly as his eyes had snapped open, they closed tightly against the pain.

He couldn't make a sound around the thick arm in his mouth, and he was helpless against the pulsing thrusts of the equally thick arm in his rear. Another arm held his wrists while its twin wrapped around his chest. The final two arms were tight around his hips, one relentlessly stroking his reluctant erection while the last curled around the inside of his hip to rub against his testicles and keep his thighs apart. A tremble ran down his spine as the arm inside his ass rocked hard into him, brushing against something surprisingly pleasurable through the pain of being stretched far more than he could have imagined possible.

The Eye pushed farther inside him and he tried but failed to hold back a scream from being forced to take something of such girth; the scream, however, came out as little more than a muffled choking sound with the arm that was forcing its way down his throat. It had begun to speed up and be more rough with him as well, and Shadow wondered if perhaps Black Doom was growing impatient. He was ground against the stone floor as the lowest arm shoved into him repeatedly, and the arm around his erection was no longer stroking gently but now gripping him tightly and pulling.

He came with a strangled groan, and clamped his teeth down around the arm in his mouth as the one around his cock kept tugging, drawing out as much of the white liquid as possible. He laid there, bound and shuddering, when suddenly he jerked again as the arms on opposite ends pulsed once more, and he began to feel an overwhelming, indescribable sensation. He was being pumped full of raw Chaos energy.

Suddenly, he heard the voices all around him. The Black Arms soldiers seemed to be shouting, alternately praising him and Black Doom, and it occurred to Shadow that he had never heard them speak before. Only it wasn't true speech, but telepathy, and he could hear it all for the first time. He truly had been made one of their number through this abominable ritual of theirs.

He shut his eyes tightly, pain beginning to reassert itself over the rush of Chaos energy that had flooded him.


Doom was speaking directly into his head, for none of the Black Arms around the room showed any indication of hearing his name. He turned his head an inch, incapable of much movement with that alien thing in his mouth, and looked at the warlord out of the corner of his eye.

Any disloyalty will not be tolerated. Your ambition is admirable, but nobody will lead the Black Arms but me.

He had never heard the creature speak with such a menacing voice. He gave a barely detectable nod, and the six-armed avatar released him. Shuddering and gasping, Shadow sank down onto his side and lay there, trying to focus on the boost of Chaos energy that still resided pleasantly inside him. With what he'd been given, he could destroy everyone in the room, but they knew he wouldn't do that, even after what he'd just been put through. He had chosen the side he would assist, and he had no plans of turning back.

Black Doom approached him silently, and Shadow pushed himself up onto his hands and knees as he felt him draw near. Large, rough, clawed hands seized him by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet.

Welcome him.

The creatures around him cheered and shouted some more, and the hedgehog surveyed his new subordinates with a critical eye. Meanwhile, Black Doom stroked the back of his shoulder with one of those thick claws.

It is a pleasure to have you serve us, Shadow.

The purr in the creature's voice was disturbing, but Shadow nodded his assent.

"And I am glad to be of service."

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Date: 2008-08-26 17:07 (UTC)
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That's why, when people ask about this one, I just say no. Or don't. Or some combination of the two.

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When Angela mentioned you'd written some tentacle porn starring shadow, I just had to come find it. An interesting initiation ritual.

Date: 2011-03-23 02:05 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is so...[builds brick wall] amazing. XDD I know this is 3 years old or so, and I'm still commenting on it, but really! It's good! And I'm really not into hardcore stuff like this, but it was so well-written and stuff that it was hard to pass by without saying anything. [shot] I've read it...4 times to-date, I think. :D;;;

Love how Shadow takes it like a boss at the end. Stand up, wave at the crowd, walk it off, walk it off, walk it's not like anything REALLY serious happened, right? Just being violated by your alien dad--there's much worse that could've happened. XD

I'm just so curious as to how their relationship would go after that, you know?? For some reason, I see Shadow slinking along with his back to a wall at all times. XD; Or maybe he grew to like it and --[ran over with a bus]

Date: 2011-03-28 15:50 (UTC)
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Ha! Sorry it took me a while to get back to this, anon. But thank you so much, I'm flattered! I just wrote it on a whim and never expected anyone to actually like it, but it's fun to hear from someone who does!


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